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Open Letter to the United States Congress

April 30, 2018

I remain terrified.
I believe that the country is going to turn out in November and flip both houses.
I believe Trump will eventually figure out that Impeachment will begin immediately.
I think that Mueller may be biding his time but that he well could be derailed or too late to act.
I believe that Trump will create a huge crisis to deflect this and that somehow this will absolve him from his crimes. This could include use of nuclear weapons, crashing the economy, asking Congress to declare War, or even starting a pandemic. He has means, motive, and could make opportunity.
Forget that he has trashed the Presidency and destroyed foreign relations. Forget that he has started dismantling our government from the State Department, to HUD, to the EPA, to Justice. It will take years to rectify and mitigate the destruction.
He has clearly qualified for Impeachment — Emoluments, His Oath of Office, Lying, Russia, not to mention Treason. He ignores 17 Intel agencies and calls Fox News for advice. I don’t even want to get into the election and the Stormy daniels thing. And he has attempted to Obstruct Justice.
To whit:
Article 2 Section 2 –Faithfully execute the Laws and the Constituion
Article 1 Section 9 Profiting from his Hotels, his Chinese trademark…you know more of this than I do
Amendment 1 Freedom of Religion Freedom of the Press
Article 3 Section 3 Treason – Russia

If I know this, you must.

The current President of the United States is part of a Criminal Conspiracy to commit Treason and he has broken the laws as well. He needs to be sent to Leavenworth.

Please do something. Forget passing legislation. You are our Congress..
We can’t wait for November.
Institute Impeachment. Declare the Republicans to be in Collusion.
Raise Hell.
You the Congress of the United States need to perform a Full Stop save the country before it is too late.
Be patriot. Stand Up.

Richard D. Fleshin
Lieutenant Colonel US Army (RET)
Tipton Iowa


I am terrified

March 29, 2018

1. The “lead” is that there is an excellent chance the country will turn out enmasse and flip both houses of Congress. The House has 119 contested elections. They only need to flip 23 to have a majority. The Senate needs to just hold and win 3 Senate seats. That makes Trump vulnerable.
2. If Congress Flips, he will be impeached. Depending on Special Counsel Mueller’s finding, it depends on what for.
He has already committed enough Impeachable offenses to be impeached.
3. He knows that in November the election will be a referendum on Him. And he knows at some level, he is probably Toast.
4. So he will have to manufacture a crisis he thinks he can solve and win back exoneration for what’s coming whether it is Mueller, Putin, or Congress that does him in.
5. He has installed a Right Wing Hawk as Sec State.
6. He is appointing a warmongering emotionally unstable person as National Security Advisor in the WHite House who literally advocates preemptive bombing of Tehran and Pyongyang.
7. The Current Congress (GOP DOMINATED) isn’t going to stop him.

8. The current Cabinet is composed of lightweights like De Vos, Ross and they are not going to utilize the 25th Amendment as I doubt they have read it and they certainly think that a “war” doesn’t mean anything but other people’s children dying abroad.
9. He has started a Trade War with China. He has ignited a “Culture War” domestically. I fear he will decide to bomb North Korea and Iran and condemn 10s of millions of people to death within a few minutes. He could spark a nuclear missile exchange with China, Russia, or both. Just the threat of such could tumble the world’s economy.
10. I am not a Democrat nor a “Liberal”.
11. But I am very very afraid.

I just Watched a “News Conference” with SCROTUS

February 17, 2017

I have been sitting here watching Drumpf for over an hour.

I am stunned.

He appears not well mentally.

He is passionate about reiterating that he WON the election.

He appears to be fixated about CNN and constantly berating the media that they are “fake news”.

He whined about Flynn. He whined about his Immigration policy.

He makes it personal. Criticizing the people asking him questions is not a good strategy.

He continued to deny an connection between Russia and his Campaign.

He blames the Intelligence leaks as being the cause of the problems he is having instead of addressing the problems themselves.

He is obsessed with ratings.

He may have gotten elected but he is not the President. He is pathetic.

He needs to go.






If Not David Brooks, What ?

May 2, 2016

This is response to David Brooks Op-Ed Column entitled If Not Trump, What ?

( )

Mr Brooks:

  1. “What are you supposed to do” ? WHAT are you supposed to do ?  Are you kidding me ?  For starters, I would say Bend Over and Kiss your Butt Goodbye.
  2. Thank you for finally noticing the pain the country is in.  Losing this election is what took you to realize that you’ve been “spending large chunks of my life in the bourgeois strata — in professional circles with people with similar status and demographics to my own.”?????   You didn’t notice that after the LAST two elections ?? Suddenly you realize we have poverty and homelessness and alienation ?
  3. We need a Ladder of Hope ? Are you kidding me ? What are you smoking ?
  4. “We’ll probably need a new national story.” Ya think?   Horatio Alger isn’t working for you anymore ?  There’s a shock.
  5. “But that story isn’t working for people anymore, especially for people who think the system is rigged.” The implication is that the system ISN’T rigged—they just think it is. That is making me laugh so hard !    It is so absurd.
  6. “We’ll also need to rebuild the sense that we’re all in this together.” Oh let’s sing Kumbaya too” Please. This isn’t a Schlitz beer commercial from the ’70s, Mr. Brooks. Really ? We’re all in this together ? (How about you only go around once also?)
  7. Yes –we’ll need a  “communitarianism”. Yes, of course. The needs of the many outweigh the the needs of the few. Yes Thank you Mr Spock. And thank you Mr. Brooks for noticing that the gap between rich and poor is off the charts.  Communitarianism. Right. You are aware that between the Trump supporters who will think you are talking about Communism and the rest of the conservatives living on their own islands that no one will even look that up to see what it used to mean.
  8. “Then solidarity can be rekindled nationally.” Is this when we sing Kumbaya ?  Solidarity ? The Republican Party using the Word Solidarity ? IS this an attempt at humor ? Right On ? All Power to the People ?  Workers of the World Unite ? Please tell me you have been abducted by E.T.s and replaced by one of them WHO HASN’T BEEN here the last 100 years ? If not, what planet are you sending this in from ?

9.   the NASA project ? You mean the Moon Landing in 1969 ? THAT “NASA project” ?

10. OK- enough. Here’s what is going to happen. Your people are going to nominate Herr Drumpf. YOUR people are going to splinter.  The other party is going to nominate Clinton. She is going to be elected whether anyone really wants to or not, just because the system IS as broken as you know it is. A lot of people will NOT vote because as you must have noticed, most people don’t want ANY of the candidates. If your name was None of the above you would win in a landslide.  Life will go on. Prisons will remain full. Violence and Crime will continue. Substance abuse will continue. Education will continue to be broken. State created (by the USA) will terrorism will continue both foreign and domestic. As you noticed, suicide will continue to rise. Our infrastructure will continue to decline. The rich will get richer and the poor will continue to get children.  Climate Change will not be addressed. Mental Illness will not be addressed meaningfully. International crises will continue to overpower everyone from wars, famines, plagues and as Bill Murray said “Cats and Dogs living together”.  Plastic will continue to clog our oceans.  The world economy will bump along despite all of that somehow. Unless there is an epic disaster.

YOUR only hope is an epic catastrophe. The San Andreas fault destroys Los Angeles. The North Koreans smuggle a Nuke into New York City. The CDC or Ft Detrick lose containment (or get robbed) and something gets loose that is so deadly that we lose millions of people. An asteroid hits Washington DC.  An abrupt climate change actually occurs and takes out our northern states with devastating cold. A spectacular drought occurs and destroys our agriculture. Nuclear War would be a good one. Those things would cause what you want. Those things have a very low chance of happening. I am sure you have read The Project for the New American Century  white paper written by Kristol, Kagan, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz et al. They came to the same conclusion that the American people would not rally and have solidarity without a new Pearl Harbor.  Well, the attack card was already played. The people responded as predicted and we are starting to get somewhat disengaged from the whole NYC, Pentagon, Iraq, Afghanistan thing that evolved. Granted we stirred up a hornet’s nest and we will have to deal with the remaining bunch of very angry people whose countries we trashed but that will probably be managed.

In other words, not much is going to change. Congress will continue to be bought. People will continue to be anesthetized by smart phones, television, and video games. Air pollution, water pollution will continue to poison us.  And if you keep writing columns like this, well…I predict you are going to be unemployed. I can’t believe the New York Times published this. The only way I can explain it is that this is some kind of test to see if anyone reads your columns.



Scrambling to Understand Why Donald Trump is leading

March 4, 2016

Most things are complex enough that to say This Is Simple is probably a bad Idea.

That said, I think the overall basic appeal of Trump is Alienation.

For years, traditional Democrats and Republicans have locked up the politics and funneled people into an either or choice. Obama or Romney/McCain…Bush or Gore etc.

Someone has finally figured out how to capitalize on the alienation that the government is NOT listening to the people. The nominee doesn’t have to be the lesser of two evils. Trump has created the perfect nominee for alienated people. Himself.

His appeal is not so much where ( if anywhere) that he stands on any issue. It is that he is willing to stand up and give people the finger. That’s what people want. They aren’t going to take it any more.

The guy is a personal disaster. Three marriages. Shady business dealings. Bankruptcies. Add to that his insulting almost the entire world.

Add to that his Narcissistic Personality Disorder and you have the perfect storm.

People see him as human ( despite the orange hair) and willing to take on traditional politicians like Rubio and Bush etc. That’s ( IMHO) why they support him. He is challenging the establishment. What people don’t care about are his views- Building a wall, Bombing Syria and Iraq flat, deporting illegal immigrants, Barring Muslims. Americans love Reality TV.  When they watch Reality TV, it doesn’t directly affect them like this would if Trump manages to get elected.

This is a perfect storm. I fear for the world if he even gets close. I hope people wake up. I don’t have a lot of hope for that. I think the more the Republican establishment tries to discredit him, the more his support will grow. I predict he will splinter and shatter the Republican Party. Whoever runs on the Democratic side will win.  It is clear that with the Romney, McCain, and Graham statements this week that they think so too.