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Scrambling to Understand Why Donald Trump is leading

March 4, 2016

Most things are complex enough that to say This Is Simple is probably a bad Idea.

That said, I think the overall basic appeal of Trump is Alienation.

For years, traditional Democrats and Republicans have locked up the politics and funneled people into an either or choice. Obama or Romney/McCain…Bush or Gore etc.

Someone has finally figured out how to capitalize on the alienation that the government is NOT listening to the people. The nominee doesn’t have to be the lesser of two evils. Trump has created the perfect nominee for alienated people. Himself.

His appeal is not so much where ( if anywhere) that he stands on any issue. It is that he is willing to stand up and give people the finger. That’s what people want. They aren’t going to take it any more.

The guy is a personal disaster. Three marriages. Shady business dealings. Bankruptcies. Add to that his insulting almost the entire world.

Add to that his Narcissistic Personality Disorder and you have the perfect storm.

People see him as human ( despite the orange hair) and willing to take on traditional politicians like Rubio and Bush etc. That’s ( IMHO) why they support him. He is challenging the establishment. What people don’t care about are his views- Building a wall, Bombing Syria and Iraq flat, deporting illegal immigrants, Barring Muslims. Americans love Reality TV.  When they watch Reality TV, it doesn’t directly affect them like this would if Trump manages to get elected.

This is a perfect storm. I fear for the world if he even gets close. I hope people wake up. I don’t have a lot of hope for that. I think the more the Republican establishment tries to discredit him, the more his support will grow. I predict he will splinter and shatter the Republican Party. Whoever runs on the Democratic side will win.  It is clear that with the Romney, McCain, and Graham statements this week that they think so too.



Ben Carson Says No Muslims for President

September 20, 2015

OK OK    –Here is the latest crap from Ben Carson:

Republican candidate Carson says Muslims unfit to be U.S. president

Yes — we have Freedom of Religion. By the Constitution.

It doesn’t say “no Muslims.”

This guy wants to be President ?   Is he just pandering to the Trumpites/Tea Party idiots who apparently don’t know when THEY are being played ? Like someone who IS Muslim is going to be able to get elected President ? He and Donald Trump and others like them are quickly trying to turn Muslims into the new “Colored people”. I use that (ironically) as a euphemism for the N word.

Carson is silly.

If his basis for saying this is that they believe in Sharia Law, that’s ludicrous.  His own religion requires stoning and burning people to death for various prohibitions in the Bible. Therefore, he would be unfit to run by his own “logic”.

Princeton recently announced we no longer have a democracy but an oligarchy. I wonder what happens when you merge an oligarchy with a theocracy ? I wouldn’t know what to begin to call it.

Somebody PLEASE tell me there is someone in the Republican Clown car who understands the Constitution and that it isn’t just for Christians or for just for Heterosexuals, or anyone specific…that we ALL share these rights.

Clearly the good doctor needs to fold his tent and go back to doing whatever it is he used to do. He doesn’t get it. Somebody should give him a copy of the Constitution to just read. If he  would rather just read his interpretation of the New Testament, then maybe he should go become a minister/street preacher and leave the government to people who are prepared to base it on the Constitution.

Government Shutdown: My Proposal:

October 6, 2013

If the Republicans really want to show what Macho politicians they are, they should really consider putting their money where their mouth is.

Here’s my proposal  Shut the Government Down. Really. Just do it.

Stop paying everyone. Everyone. Stop military pay, Soc Security, Medicare…everything.

Send everyone home. Close all the buildings.   No TSA. No FBI.  No food in the Congressional cafeteria. No federal Flight Controllers . Close all the Airports.

Just stop EVERYTHING. Let Congress work until they figure out a way to do what what they want to do….Cover it all on  CNN since CSpan will be shut off.

Then we’ll see what happens.  Just shut it all down.  Let everyone have some pain. Let everyone appreciate what we do have. Or Had….

That way we don’t have to wait until October 17th. Just get it over with. We’ll hit the default . Our credit rating will tank again. The Stock Market  can crash again…. We did it 5 years ago –we can do it again.

After that we should have elections.