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Hard Drives with Spy Ware from NSA

February 17, 2015

OK ..It appears that the US has been inserting spyware into Hard Drives for as far back as 20 years.

No one seems too too surprised or pissed.

I am concerned that the NSA has been doing it here instead of Iran, Russia, China, etc. The media is spinning it as if the Hard Drives containing the spyware ONLY went to other countries.

One of my questions is that if the NSA had/has the capabilities to look at data in Iran and Iraq etc, then what was the reason for the Iraq War ? Why did all that have to happen? Surely the NSA knew exactly where the WMDs were NOT. Like iraq.

If the NSA had that kind of capability, why wasn’t 911 averted if indeed it happened like our government said it did.

Suddenly, people are waking up to the fact that George Orwell was right about everything except the year.