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Climate Change — Stupid STUPID STUPID

April 13, 2014

The definitive International group of scientists has published their findings, Their conclusions are pretty simple:

1. A rise of 5 degrees C will be catastrophic and it is happening.

2. It isn’t too late for us to keep the global temperature from rising up 2 C.

The problem is it will take political will and action. We must reduce emissions 40-70% to avoid catastrophe. So it isn’t going to happen. The politicians will be chest deep in water still arguing and industry will be underwater still trying to keep old technology going. 

Bottom line- we are hardwired to jump into the tree just before the lions and tigers leap for us. We are not hard wired to avoid crisis in order to prevent it. 

I feel bad for the next generations. I see tragedy, chaos, and essentially breakdown of a lot of civilization in the wind. 

Stupid. Just Stupid.