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Climate Change – Abrupt

January 2, 2014
I would like to know who do I register my complaint with. Next Monday it is going to be MINUS 19. The High for the day is MINUS 7. We’re going to get 5 MORE inches of snow today.This is seriously fucked up. Yes I decided to live here. No it wasn’t like this 20 years ago. Who is in charge of Climate Change? THOSE are the people we need to get to and get them OFF their asses down in the Bahamas ! The Arctic Sea Ice is Melting. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is melting. Sea Levels are rising.Temperatures are being affected. A report by the US Intelligence services/NASA/NOAA in December speaks to a growing risk of Abrupt Climate Change. It isn’t hype. If the Thermohaline Ocean Circulation fails, England will be under 100 feet of ice. So will we.
Why aren’t we hearing about this ? Why must be hear about Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber instead ? What is wrong with the world’s leaders that they do NOT see the common threat to Mankind ? It isn’t as if they have some other place to go when the Shit Hits the Fan….If you don’t believe me, do your own homework. Google Abrupt Climate Change and NRCNA report…..
When the Climate changes enough to make large scale agriculture fail, what do people think happens ? Do they think the grocery stores magically get food and that money will be worth something when Famine destroys the social norms and “the Rules”? Do people honestly NOT understand what happens when Law and Order dissolve? OR that Famine causes War ? Do people REALLY understand the reality of the Dystopia that is looming as the result of Not having unified action worldwide ? Will we be content when modern communications, transportation, medicine, food distribution, water systems, etc fail as a result of Climate Change ? I do NOT Get it. 
We are Crisis Oriented. Unfortunately by the time this gets to an acute crisis it will be way too late to do anything. The crisis that IS coming needs to be reversed NOW. Everyone is putting it off. So It will be that much more severe when it comes. 
Bottom Line- It may be too late. There is always hope. We MUST have leadership willing to address this. The current set of leaders are inadequate. We need new ones. Like that’s going to happen!