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OK ALABAMA– Are you ashamed ? Can’t you Do Better than Mo Brooks ? REALLY? Rocks falling into the Ocean are causing the sea levels to Rise ? PLEASE for the Reputation of the United States Congress…PLEASE find someone else to represent Alabama but this time can you PLEASE find some one at least as Dumb as A ROCK? This guy stretches my Imagination to it’s limit.

May 18, 2018


OK This seems pretty simple.

The levels of the oceans are rising due to melting ice because we have ( and continue to…) filled the atmosphere with CO2 since we industrialized as a civilization, perhaps 150 or so years ago.

That is going to be catastrophic for the World. Changes in agriculture, loss of cities, billions of refugees, even loss of cropland besides losing the ability to provide food due to temperature and rainfall. 

This is NOT due to Rocks and dirt falling in the Ocean from the White Cliffs of Dover or in California as proposed by this Moron.

I was stationed in Alabama for a year once and I wasn’t impressed then by the overall intelligence of the population. At that point, I was surprised to find out that some of them can actually read. Apparently things have gotten much worse there since I left in ’83.

Will somebody PLEASE run against this DUMBASS and get him out of there ?   





Open Letter to the United States Congress

April 30, 2018

I remain terrified.
I believe that the country is going to turn out in November and flip both houses.
I believe Trump will eventually figure out that Impeachment will begin immediately.
I think that Mueller may be biding his time but that he well could be derailed or too late to act.
I believe that Trump will create a huge crisis to deflect this and that somehow this will absolve him from his crimes. This could include use of nuclear weapons, crashing the economy, asking Congress to declare War, or even starting a pandemic. He has means, motive, and could make opportunity.
Forget that he has trashed the Presidency and destroyed foreign relations. Forget that he has started dismantling our government from the State Department, to HUD, to the EPA, to Justice. It will take years to rectify and mitigate the destruction.
He has clearly qualified for Impeachment — Emoluments, His Oath of Office, Lying, Russia, not to mention Treason. He ignores 17 Intel agencies and calls Fox News for advice. I don’t even want to get into the election and the Stormy daniels thing. And he has attempted to Obstruct Justice.
To whit:
Article 2 Section 2 –Faithfully execute the Laws and the Constituion
Article 1 Section 9 Profiting from his Hotels, his Chinese trademark…you know more of this than I do
Amendment 1 Freedom of Religion Freedom of the Press
Article 3 Section 3 Treason – Russia

If I know this, you must.

The current President of the United States is part of a Criminal Conspiracy to commit Treason and he has broken the laws as well. He needs to be sent to Leavenworth.

Please do something. Forget passing legislation. You are our Congress..
We can’t wait for November.
Institute Impeachment. Declare the Republicans to be in Collusion.
Raise Hell.
You the Congress of the United States need to perform a Full Stop save the country before it is too late.
Be patriot. Stand Up.

Richard D. Fleshin
Lieutenant Colonel US Army (RET)
Tipton Iowa

I am terrified

March 29, 2018

1. The “lead” is that there is an excellent chance the country will turn out enmasse and flip both houses of Congress. The House has 119 contested elections. They only need to flip 23 to have a majority. The Senate needs to just hold and win 3 Senate seats. That makes Trump vulnerable.
2. If Congress Flips, he will be impeached. Depending on Special Counsel Mueller’s finding, it depends on what for.
He has already committed enough Impeachable offenses to be impeached.
3. He knows that in November the election will be a referendum on Him. And he knows at some level, he is probably Toast.
4. So he will have to manufacture a crisis he thinks he can solve and win back exoneration for what’s coming whether it is Mueller, Putin, or Congress that does him in.
5. He has installed a Right Wing Hawk as Sec State.
6. He is appointing a warmongering emotionally unstable person as National Security Advisor in the WHite House who literally advocates preemptive bombing of Tehran and Pyongyang.
7. The Current Congress (GOP DOMINATED) isn’t going to stop him.

8. The current Cabinet is composed of lightweights like De Vos, Ross and they are not going to utilize the 25th Amendment as I doubt they have read it and they certainly think that a “war” doesn’t mean anything but other people’s children dying abroad.
9. He has started a Trade War with China. He has ignited a “Culture War” domestically. I fear he will decide to bomb North Korea and Iran and condemn 10s of millions of people to death within a few minutes. He could spark a nuclear missile exchange with China, Russia, or both. Just the threat of such could tumble the world’s economy.
10. I am not a Democrat nor a “Liberal”.
11. But I am very very afraid.

Putin America First

June 6, 2017

KKK? Trump? Bannon? Miller?

June 5, 2017

Russia may control the White House???

June 5, 2017

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June 5, 2017

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June 5, 2017



June 5, 2017



June 5, 2017

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