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An Open Complaint to Google and Sundar Pichai

January 16, 2016

Just bought my first Chromebook. Slick very slick. Under normal circumstances, I embrace all thing Google.

Problem is the touchpad is so sensitive that I am spending a lot of my time repairing what happens if I touch it as it sends it off into all kinds of other places and other keystrokes…..

This has been a problem for years. Google incapacitated the work around in 2015 so you can no longer turn off the touchpad and use a mouse.

Up to now they have been ignoring complaints. This is Google. GOOGLE !

Wake up Mr Pichai. You could choose to fix this with a simple order to “fix this”. Surely the people who have come up with driverless cars, the best search engine on the planet etc can fix a software glitch ?

Otherwise, those of us unhappy with this are going to make enough noise and make this public enough to hurt Chromebook sales. Not exactly a big deal to Google but a significant public black eye.