I would like to know some facts about Sandra Bland and her death

1. Who gave her large amounts of Marijuana IN JAIL ? And Why ? She didn’t sound stoned on the arrest video. This was DAYS later IN JAIL when she actually died….

2. What was she doing with a large plastic bag in her cell ? Enough to “hang herself”?

3.The jail has video of her. IF they have cameras watching her, why haven’t we seen her kill herself on video ? Wasn’t someone watching the cameras ? WHy have cameras if you aren’t watching and recording?

4. Weren’t there any other prisoners in the hallway ? Didn’t anybody SEE anything ?

5.How many STOPS a year does that Police Department make for changing lanes without a signal ? What is that about ? I will grant you it is a law. But how often is it enforced nationally ? How often is it enforced in that jurisdiction ?
How often is it enforced against African Americans ? Don’t the police have ANYTHING better to do with their time ?

6. When is this SHIT going to stop ?


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