Capital Punishment – We should rethink what we want

Capital Punishment is older than Dirt…it is even prescribed in the Bible for all sorts of misdemeanors. 

The numbers for support for Capital Punishment are dropping. Most recently 60% of the population supported it from 80%.

Despite the fact that I think it is perfectly OK for the state to execute people who have done heinous crimes, I think we need to rethink what we are doing.

First: The Justice system is B-R-O-K-E-N.  It is so broken that I don’t need to even spell it out—we all acknowledge that is slow, unwieldy, unfair, inflexible and unclear.  

Second: If we are going to execute people for raping and killing children or raping, shooting and burying alive young women, or torturing people etc etc , then we need an ironclad way of doing it so it is swift, and Non cruel and Non Unusual. 

Every state should be required to have a public referendum on if they want executions to begin with and then if so, what for…. A public debate and then a public vote. It should be made clear that we will ONLY execute people who it has been proven have done something that is so outrageous that their life is forfeit.  Then we should spell out a 3 year fast track for executions. If you are found Guilty of an executable crime, then you have 3 years to appeal it and prove you didn’t. With all the bullshit government we have surely we can provide a system that gets people executed quickly and not in 25 years of appeals. That’s bullshit.

Finally: It is time to decide how to do it and to hire people to do it well. No more Amateur Hour. The governor of Oklahoma should be ashamed. The way they did that this week was horrific. There are plenty of people who can start IV’s. There are plenty of other drugs too – you could have given him 100 mg of Valium IV  to knock him out or Propofol….anything…then you can give the curare to stop the breathing and Potassium to stop the heart. This isn’t rocket science. There are Thousands of people who give anesthesia every day who could do this in their their sleep. I don’t know what was wrong with those people on Oklahoma but they need to up their game – that was pathetic. 




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