PETA: ALEX MOORE–Please Stop sounding like Idiots

Alex Moore a PETA staff member somewhere near Ankeny Iowa has asked the DOT to allow him to erect a 10 ft high temporary memorial to 500 dead turkeys.that died in a traffic accident. 

Mr Moore – do you have any ( ANY !) idea how Stupid you sound to people here in Iowa ??

These people raise turkeys, chickens, cattle and hogs to feed people. They make a living from it. They see 500 dead turkeys and they see money going up in smoke not tragedy. The turkeys died a few hours earlier than scheduled on their way to slaughter….

As a Veg for over 40 years, I understand your position. I do. I haven’t tasted turkey since 1971 —I presume, from your naivete, way before you were conceived. But statements and requests like yours do accomplish these things – FIrst – you are now the laughingstockl of the World Press. Google News your name and people are laughing at you all over the world. Second: You are pissing off ALL the farmers here with your nonsense. and Third: you are alienating people who eat Vegan ( like myself and my family) from joining your causes. I do not want to be associated even remotely with you. You are a joke.  I am seriously going to go out and buy a PETA T shirt that reads People for the Eating of Tasty Animals and wear it just to protest YOUR stupidity. I hope I have been Blunt enough to get your attention long enough for you to process this. You are working against what you want. 

No one can possibly pay any serious attention to what you want because they are so busy laughing at you. You might as well adopt Clown suits as uniforms. 





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