MH 370, CNN, What can I Say? BREAKING NEWS !

Dear family survivors of MH 370 – I don’t want to appear cold or uncaring, but it is time to get on with your lives. OOur mutual governments have somehow decided to spend over 50 million dollars already looking for the bloated corpses of your loved ones. Surely by now, you have figured out that everyone died – there are NO survivors. 

It is Over.

Move On.

While the governments plan on spending upwards of another 200 Million dollars finding and raising the pieces of the airplane. it is long overdue for all of us , you included to put this behind us.

I mean How many CNN Breaking News Alerts can one be expected  to watch  with NO NEWS.  

BREAKING NEWS:  The Indian Ocean is Wet

BREAKING NEWS:  The Indian Ocean is Deep 

BREAKING NEWS:  The Indian Ocean  is Huge.

You get the picture.

and What Happened to the News CNN ?

You have obviously dedicated Headline News  ( “HLN” ) having people upload pictures of their babies, human interest stories about people doing everyday stuff, and pop news about LIndsay Lohan, Justin, Bieber, the Kardassians, etc —Not to much the insipid and overblown coverage of the various legal trials that NONE of us want to see…..

Consider, CNN, renaming it from CNN to MH370 channel. You could have Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer do 24 hr tag team coverage of the MH 370 story— Oh WAIT –you already ARE doing that !

Maybe you should approach Quantas and Singapore Airlines as potential  sponsors ?  How about ACN as an alternative to CNN –The Airplane Crash Network ! 


I have been reduced to watching Al Jazeera to find out what’s happening in the world. How lame is that ?



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