The last time I tried this, it worked partially when I asked that we stop hearing about Justin Bieber.

Lindsay Lohan – please go away. Just Go Away.

I don’t care if they lock you up for drugs, alcohol, drunk driving etc.

Lately, it became news who you have had intercourse with. Please keep that to yourself and to the people you have slept with. Please.

Now I am being bombarded with the news about your miscarriage/abortion.


I mean – do I really have to hear about when you floss your teeth and with what? If you have hemorrhoids ?  Whether or not you drink you coffee black or with sugar?  How often you bite your fingernails or whether or not you use a vaginal deodorant ?

Isn’t it lame enough that we have to put up with the Kardassians and every time they fart?

It isn’t like you are some sort of famous actress ? or wildly talented . or insanely beautiful.

The only things that come to mind when your name comes across my TV screen, my computer screen, etc is how much coke you snort, how drunk you are when they pull you over after you wreck your car, or who you had sex with.



Just go away. Find some nice suburb of Hollywood and disappear into Oblivion. Get old. Or NOT, I Do Not Care. 

It isn’t as if I find you entertaining or amusing. 

Just Irritating.





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