Vaccinations, Education and Intelligence

This is a real simple correlation. It isn’t rocket science.

My clinicalobservations spanning forty years, my education, my experience in 5 years of ER and 7 years as a a Public Health Director all factor in to this opinion.

People that don’t get vaccinations don’t do it as a result of the complexities of low intelligence, poor or no education and misdirection by pseudo scientists or health -care – professional- wannabees.

People that don’t get their kids vaccinations are not very bright. They aren’t educated or sophisticated and they are led astray by “naturopaths”, chiropractors, and/or parents who need someone to blame for their kid’s shortcomings, be it autism, mental retardation, etc etc. 

Pure and Simple – it is an Intelligence Test. You flunk if you do not get your kids their shots. Ignorance and Stupidity are rampant these days. 

We can argue about it all you want and it won’t make any difference. 
People do have the right to live their own lives. We have 7 billion people on the planet –way too many –so one more or less doesn’t make that much difference as long as you aren’t THAT kid.  Death by Measles, Tetanus, etc etc….Oh Well….

The rest of us should brace for more unnecessary tragedies as we see more outbreaks. There is little we can do about it. 



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