Malaysia Jet MH 370

Headlines read :
<h1>Australia Confident Sounds Are from Missing Jet

Excuse me ! What did you think it was Russian Submarines ?   Amelia Earhart’s plane ?  Howdy Doody ?

Keechrist !  They are getting a Ping at 37.5 mHz which is THE Ping frequency. What the Hell else would be pinging them at the bottom of the ocean in the middle of freakin NoWhere ? Tinkerbelle ?

While I am at it….Why or Why are we all spending Millions and Millions of dollars looking for the Black box ? They have established the plane went down out there a month ago. There are no survivors and the plane is trash. I know they would like to find out why it crashed but is this really really worth so many millions of dollars to confirm what is the most important fact —The Plane Crashed People all dead.  Game over.

They are acting like this is a free search.

It isn’t. And even if they find the recorders, so what ?

IT isn’t like this is happening daily or weekly or monthly. Or yearly. Gravity won this round. Move on.


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One Response to “Malaysia Jet MH 370”

  1. mulevalley Says:

    This Is How Much The Search For The Missing Plane Has Cost
    Charlotte Alter @charlottealter April 8, 2014
    The costs of the international search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continue to build a month after the jet disappeared with 239 people aboard

    The search for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has already cost $44 million, according to a new report, and that figure could reach well into the hundreds of millions before the search is over, making it the most expensive search in aviation history.

    The $44 million figure, based on a Reuters estimate, includes money spent by the United States, China, Australia and Vietnam alone, but not spending by the other 22 countries that have contributed to the search. The figure is based on estimates of hourly costs of the various assets dedicated to the search. More has been spent in one month searching for the missing plane than was spent in two years searching for Air France 447, which crashed in the Atlantic in 2009.

    So far, Australia has borne the brunt of the expenses, since it is leading the search in the southern Indian Ocean off the western coast, but Prime Minister Tony Abbot indicated there may be some financial settling up in the future. “It’s only reasonable that we should bear this cost—it’s an act of international citizenship,” Abbot said last week. “At some point, there might need to be a reckoning, there might need to be some kind of tallying, but nevertheless we are happy to be as helpful as we can to all the countries that have a stake in this.”


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