Comments on Insanity, Violence, Institutions, Access to Deadly Force and Human Nature

I believe( thanks to mass media and the Internet) that we are finally coming to terms with (1) the real human nature and (b) the consequences of closing the mental institutions nationally in the 1980s). We are now seeing people blow up marathons, stab 22 people in a High School, Shoot 60 people watching a Batman Movie, witness people who call 911 50 times a day for fake calls in San Francisco, and either drop bricks off of overpasses or snipe cars in Kansas City. This is the true nature of people. The consequences of streeting several million folks who can’t take care of themselves has come back to bite us on the butt. If you street enough harmless and helpless people, statistically you are going to also be rubbing elbows with some violent crazies who are either sociopaths or they don’t realize the consequences of gunning down 20 elementary school children.  I am much afraid with our current polarization of the political process, we are NOT going to find solutions. The fear of “violating civil rights couldn’t certainly be met with an adequate effort on monitoring who gets locked up and why. We are clearly not going to keep guns and knives (and cell phones) out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them but we could minimize the opportunities violent people have to hurt innocents. And finally, it is unfortunate but even writing this is much like pissing yourself in a dark suit of clothing. You may get a warm feeling but no one notices.


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