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Senate rejects far-reaching Veterans Affairs bill SHAME ON THOSE REPUBLICANS

February 28, 2014

OK Let’s get something straight.

The Republican Senators (except for 2) voted against the Veteran’s Bill today. 


Support the Troops/Military  MY ASS !  The Hypocritical Republicans betrayed our veteran’s today. 

Being from Iowa now I say Shame on you Chuck Grassley. The American Legion should ask you for their award back. If you had ever served in the military, you might understand why this is so disgusting. When you vote against people who have served their country and while you ride in limos and attend parties in Washington, you betray the American people. You have been a Senator long enough. 




I’m Calling BULLSHIT on Chuck Hagel The SECDEF has no Clothes !

February 10, 2014

I am aware most people in America don’t know Chuck Hagel’s name or if they do, they couldn’t tell you accurately what it is he does.

Too bad.

The Secretary of Defense is looking into ethical problems in the military and appointing an ethics advisor.

(       etc etc )

Oh Bullshit.

This is not a NEW problem Chuck.

You don’t need any more Blue Ribbon panels or Reports. You have a Battleship size drawer full of them already. So did Panetta and the ones before him as well.

How many briefings do YOU need ?

If it is plain as day to me in Iowa WTF is wrong with your vision in Washington DC ?

Why are Sexual Assaults in the military a Scandal ?

Why are senior officers ( Colonels, Generals, Admirals) being relieved or even courtmartialed ?

What is wrong with the Nuke Force ?

Why are senior officers (See above) not acting ?

You were in the Army Secretary Hagel. Didn’t they teach you where LEADERSHIP starts ?

It doesn’t start in reports, panels, briefings or statistics.

It starts with YOU and the Commander in Chief.

But YOU are where the Rubber meets the road.     

Call in the Officers ( and NCO’s) in charge of what is wrong. Fire them. Get new ones. Tell the new ones to shape up or they too are going away. Keep doing that until you get some leaders who understand what you want. Conduct becoming an officer.

Find out who is screwing up in the flag ranks and retire them . Retire them ALL if they aren’t leading. You won’t miss them. Get a new team going.

Prosecute and punish people stealing from the Navy. Prosecute and Punish rapists. Prosecute and Punish Nuke Officers screwing off. Get the officers screwing their subordinates and put them in Leavenworth. Take the officers living like Emperors on expense accounts and put their asses behind bars. Send the damn recruiting National Guard thieves to Leavenworth

This isn’t hard Secretary Hagel.

Call them in one at a time and do not be merciful. Be Fair but take care of the Defense Department. No exceptions. 

Just DO it. You will be amazed how fast the entire DOD will shape up once they figure out you are going to play hardball, it will roll downhill and you will be happier than you are now.

Don’t weasel out and blame the Iraq and Aghan Wars. That’s bullshit.

This retired Lieutenant Colonel thinks you still have the right stuff. You just need a different perspective. Kick some Ass Chuck. Kick some Ass.















Bill Nye: Please slice the Ham

February 6, 2014

Bill Nye: THANK YOU.