Justin Bieber

Will Somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put this rodent in jail for 6 months ?

The World needs a break from him. 

I NEED a break from him.

He has become more than an irritating little rodent. 



This last 25 sec video from MSNBC says it all : 

He is clearly out of control–when he breaks the law, with illegal narcotics, driving while intoxicated/drunk, damaging other peoples property he should serve time to get him away from the media and the people chasing him with cameras. 

We need some Bieber Less Time. All of us. 

Put his ass in JAIL. 








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One Response to “Justin Bieber”

  1. mulevalley Says:

    The petition to have this irritation sent back to Canada has apparently failed. Not only has he set a terrific example for all of his fans in the past but NOW he tells “Nigger jokes” on You Tube.
    Why oh WHY Can’t we deport this person back to where he came from ? He steals, he drag races at over 100 miles an hour, he gets busted for drugs, he is arrested for being drunk, and now the N word. If they can make Sterling sell his basketball team for this, why can’t we take a NON US Citizen and just kick his ass out of here ? IF YOU HAVEN’T Signed the petition, please do so and encourage others to do so ! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/deport-justin-bieber-and-revoke-his-green-card/ST1yqHJL

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