Boy Scouts Raise their Membership Fees 140% in 4 years

. I am a military retiree. I served in Scouting as a volunteer during my career serving the Army. I have been a Den Leader, Assist CubMaster and Now a Scoutmaster for 10 years. I am an Eagle Scout since 1966. I have hiked Philmont and I have done Woodbadge.My son is an Eagle Scout. Those are my bonafides.. I am not new to this.
What is New is that the BSA has been taken over by very greedy people who think that being A “Regional Director” is worthy of a 400K salary. The top 11 positions at National (see their IRS Form 990) ( were paid over 5 Million dollars of our money. On that Form 990 you will see over 700 million dollars in some trust fund. That is 3/4 of a BILLION dollars in trust.
If you want to know where our money is going, look at this pdf.
It will make you ill. Wall Street takes over the BSA. Baden-Powell would roll over in his grave.
My local council sold over a million dollars of popcorn this year. National gets it’s cut of this. When I earned my Eagle badge, we didn’t turn out popcorn salesmen, we camped and we turned out young Men of Integrity…..There are 300 such councils in the US. I do NOT know what the total sales are but it must be a lot.
You mentioned how much it costs to be a Boy Scout these days. Isn’t it interesting that 4 years ago it was $10 and it went to $15 and now to $24 ? That is a 140% increase in 4 years. What do we get for that ? Millionaire executives and Trust Funds is what. Look at the Form 990 !
There is considerable evidence (according to NBC News) that Bechtel was budgeted at $176 million dollars and will cost upwards of $439 million by the end of next year ( Exactly why are we paying those 11 people over Million dollars a year to mismanage things?
I am disgusted.
This is slowly making me believe the Boy Scout movement is gone and this is a Scam with it’s name.



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