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Justin Bieber

January 27, 2014

Will Somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put this rodent in jail for 6 months ?

The World needs a break from him. 

I NEED a break from him.

He has become more than an irritating little rodent. 



This last 25 sec video from MSNBC says it all : 

He is clearly out of control–when he breaks the law, with illegal narcotics, driving while intoxicated/drunk, damaging other peoples property he should serve time to get him away from the media and the people chasing him with cameras. 

We need some Bieber Less Time. All of us. 

Put his ass in JAIL. 








Tom Perkins says (Boo Hoo) we are Persecuting the Rich like the Nazi’s persecuted the Jews

January 27, 2014

Venture capitalist Tom Perkins came under fire after publicly comparing the experience of wealthy Americans to a deadly Nazi campaign that preceded the Holocaust.

“Writing from the epicenter of progressive thought, San Francisco, I would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its ‘one percent,’ namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the ‘rich,'” he wrote, opening a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal.




HORSESHIT Image HORSE SHIT Image Any Questions ?

Oklahoma —WHAT Took you so Long ??

January 10, 2014

What ook so long ? Oklahoma executed Michael Lee Wilson finally after he and 2 others murdered a convenience store clerk:;;

struck Yost with an aluminum baseball bat 54 times in 131 seconds………on video !

and admitted planning it for 2 weeks prior.  


It shouldn’t have taken 18 years to execute this slime bag. Legal is good…..but this is silly….

The Justice system needs fixing. He should have been taken out a long time ago. 

This is shameful….At least they eventually did it. That is something. The other 2 guys have already been executed. The 16 yo accomplice got Life in Prison. Too Bad. 






Boy Scouts Raise their Membership Fees 140% in 4 years

January 9, 2014

. I am a military retiree. I served in Scouting as a volunteer during my career serving the Army. I have been a Den Leader, Assist CubMaster and Now a Scoutmaster for 10 years. I am an Eagle Scout since 1966. I have hiked Philmont and I have done Woodbadge.My son is an Eagle Scout. Those are my bonafides.. I am not new to this.
What is New is that the BSA has been taken over by very greedy people who think that being A “Regional Director” is worthy of a 400K salary. The top 11 positions at National (see their IRS Form 990) ( were paid over 5 Million dollars of our money. On that Form 990 you will see over 700 million dollars in some trust fund. That is 3/4 of a BILLION dollars in trust.
If you want to know where our money is going, look at this pdf.
It will make you ill. Wall Street takes over the BSA. Baden-Powell would roll over in his grave.
My local council sold over a million dollars of popcorn this year. National gets it’s cut of this. When I earned my Eagle badge, we didn’t turn out popcorn salesmen, we camped and we turned out young Men of Integrity…..There are 300 such councils in the US. I do NOT know what the total sales are but it must be a lot.
You mentioned how much it costs to be a Boy Scout these days. Isn’t it interesting that 4 years ago it was $10 and it went to $15 and now to $24 ? That is a 140% increase in 4 years. What do we get for that ? Millionaire executives and Trust Funds is what. Look at the Form 990 !
There is considerable evidence (according to NBC News) that Bechtel was budgeted at $176 million dollars and will cost upwards of $439 million by the end of next year ( Exactly why are we paying those 11 people over Million dollars a year to mismanage things?
I am disgusted.
This is slowly making me believe the Boy Scout movement is gone and this is a Scam with it’s name.


Climate Change – Abrupt

January 2, 2014
I would like to know who do I register my complaint with. Next Monday it is going to be MINUS 19. The High for the day is MINUS 7. We’re going to get 5 MORE inches of snow today.This is seriously fucked up. Yes I decided to live here. No it wasn’t like this 20 years ago. Who is in charge of Climate Change? THOSE are the people we need to get to and get them OFF their asses down in the Bahamas ! The Arctic Sea Ice is Melting. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is melting. Sea Levels are rising.Temperatures are being affected. A report by the US Intelligence services/NASA/NOAA in December speaks to a growing risk of Abrupt Climate Change. It isn’t hype. If the Thermohaline Ocean Circulation fails, England will be under 100 feet of ice. So will we.
Why aren’t we hearing about this ? Why must be hear about Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber instead ? What is wrong with the world’s leaders that they do NOT see the common threat to Mankind ? It isn’t as if they have some other place to go when the Shit Hits the Fan….If you don’t believe me, do your own homework. Google Abrupt Climate Change and NRCNA report…..
When the Climate changes enough to make large scale agriculture fail, what do people think happens ? Do they think the grocery stores magically get food and that money will be worth something when Famine destroys the social norms and “the Rules”? Do people honestly NOT understand what happens when Law and Order dissolve? OR that Famine causes War ? Do people REALLY understand the reality of the Dystopia that is looming as the result of Not having unified action worldwide ? Will we be content when modern communications, transportation, medicine, food distribution, water systems, etc fail as a result of Climate Change ? I do NOT Get it. 
We are Crisis Oriented. Unfortunately by the time this gets to an acute crisis it will be way too late to do anything. The crisis that IS coming needs to be reversed NOW. Everyone is putting it off. So It will be that much more severe when it comes. 
Bottom Line- It may be too late. There is always hope. We MUST have leadership willing to address this. The current set of leaders are inadequate. We need new ones. Like that’s going to happen!