Congress – Gerrymandering

Congressional districts are
shaped/manufactured to insure incumbents get
reelected. They resemble puzzles as they
maximize advantages to one group. Voting has
become irrelevant.

Today, only about 5 percent of the 435 U.S.
House districts are truly competitive. Only 17
House Republicans come from districts that
President Obama won in 2012 even though he
prevailed by 5 million votes nationwide.

We have a 90% incumbency return rate in
Congress and a 10% approval rating.
Think about that. Congress is totally corrupted.

It is virtually impossible to beat an Incumbent
unless he goes public with naked pictures, gets
caught stealing, or has pictures published of
him in bed with a prostitute.

The game is rigged and they are NOT going to
fix this. Between gerrymandering and election
financing by corporations I think we are just


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