Government Shutdown: My Proposal:

If the Republicans really want to show what Macho politicians they are, they should really consider putting their money where their mouth is.

Here’s my proposal  Shut the Government Down. Really. Just do it.

Stop paying everyone. Everyone. Stop military pay, Soc Security, Medicare…everything.

Send everyone home. Close all the buildings.   No TSA. No FBI.  No food in the Congressional cafeteria. No federal Flight Controllers . Close all the Airports.

Just stop EVERYTHING. Let Congress work until they figure out a way to do what what they want to do….Cover it all on  CNN since CSpan will be shut off.

Then we’ll see what happens.  Just shut it all down.  Let everyone have some pain. Let everyone appreciate what we do have. Or Had….

That way we don’t have to wait until October 17th. Just get it over with. We’ll hit the default . Our credit rating will tank again. The Stock Market  can crash again…. We did it 5 years ago –we can do it again.

After that we should have elections.


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One Response to “Government Shutdown: My Proposal:”

  1. Keith Says:

    I agree with what you are saying. That will make people stand up and take notice. Yet, just want to point out that CSPAN is a private non-profit organization and not connected with government funding.

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