Government Shutdown : Go Home John Boehner Go Home Mitch McConnell Go Home Ted Cruz

OutFuckinRageous !

YOU & I pay these clowns $175K a year EACH plus Benefits out the Ass and they cannot figure out a way to simply run the government and pay the Bills.

We’re not asking for Geniuses to apply. 

It isn’t Rocket Science.  It isn’t Brain Surgery.

These people are so OUT OF TOUCH I can’t describe it.

We are NOT paying them to do this. 

They need to become unemployed.

Soon !

Great Jumpin Jehosaphat ! What is WRONG with these people ? 



I am an American. These people are our Enemies. 

They waste more money and time than we have.

Affordable Care is a LAW.

They LOST. They challenged it in the Courts and they lost again.

They tried in 2012 to regain their losses a third time. 

This isn’t perseverance- it is Madness.

We need to get rid of these clowns and this clown show and get some people that are willing to work out their differences and work for the citizens not special interests.

Our Health Care system is broken. At least someone is trying to fix it. 

I really HOPE this pisses the voters off.

What i think is that these jerks are hoping that they get seen as “heroes” – what they don’t understand is that they are ELECTING Hilary Clinton. The backlash to the Republican looting of the country during the  Bush years and the subsequent “Recession” and the corresponding opposition to fixing things in Congress is going to swing the country way over to the Democrats. 

Unless between this and the Debt Default, the Republicans trigger another  Economic Depression.

Isn’t that a pleasant thought ?








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