Grand Theft Auto Is Today’s Great Expectations ?????? Piffle !!!!

Nick Gillespie says Grand Theft Auto Is Today’s Great Expectations.


It is more a statement about human nature and the state of our culture that sales of this have passed a billion dollars in under a week.

Nick GIllespie is merely defending his substance of choice.

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

What is it that fascinates us about senseless violence and gratuitous sex ?

I am not judging senseless violence and gratuitous sex because it is suddenly there. We have been living with it for a long time.

I am merely saying these things—GTA clearly is now mainstreaming  in our culture and is significantly describing the human condition in America today at least as far as art can.  If you prefer Bach or the Mona Lisa or Star Trek moviesor YoYo Ma or Andy Warhol or e.e. cummings, fine. But they didn’t sell a billion dollars worth this week.  That still doesn’t make it art.

It is the same week that a nut case who happened to be addicted to first shooter games and played them incessantly and then bought a shotgun and rampaged through Washington’s Navy Yard….Just like a very similar sick boy did in Newtown CT….I am not saying that video games are the one true cause of mass shootings…but there is an undeniable link that threads through many of the 387 school shootings since 1992….

We like Violence.

Unfortunately we have no mental health system here., that for the most part games like GTA are merely leisure activities for people, the mentally ill play them first on a screen and then a small percentage of those players play them for real with shotguns, glocks and AK47s–and our kids die.

So let’s not make any mistake — Grand Theft Auto is not the Mona Lisa or the Pieta…Grand Theft Auto is about senseless violence and gratuitous sex and in some significant cases, leads to real life senseless violence.  If we are going to have GTA in the public hands, it seems the least we can do is make a better effort to better diagnose and treat the mentally ill and to keep guns out of their hands and the hands of criminals.

Otherwise, expect MORE shootings and expect more people to start carrying because of it.

Let’s not fool ourselves.


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