My note to the Congressman on Syria

Yes. Authorize the President to bomb the SHIT out of them. If
you do, it is mildly possible , Assad will give up his Chemical
Weapons vis a vis the Russians. If you don’t back him up, Assad
will kill some more children with Sarin. Are you looking for an
excuse to NOT do this ? You never ask us about SHIT. You have
asked us twice in a week now. You must be feeling pretty
insecure. It isn’t as if he is asking YOU to use Chemical Weapons
on Children. He is asking you to back him up on Stopping Assad
from doing it Again. This is pretty clear. Please feel free to ask
the people about other important things like the Debt Ceiling,
Having no Budget, Gun laws, Climate Change etc etc. I like the
idea that you are asking. It is just that this seems like a No
Brainer. I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel from your US Army. I
have been trained in the medical treatment of chemical weapons
casualties. I am a retired Nurse Practitioner and a retired Public
Health Director. I am a father and a husband and am in fairly
decent mental health….I belong to a Rotary Club and I am a
Scoutmaster. I protested the Vietnam War. I was against the Gulf
War. I was against the Iraq War. I actively contact my
representatives on all important issues. It seems I am not historically inclined to encourage bloodshed.  That said, Authorize the President to Bomb the CRAP out of Assad. You need to back him up. We need to oppose the use of WMDs or you are going to see more use of them. No one hates them more than soldiers. If I have not been clear, call me and we can discuss this.


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