Boy Scouts in Financial Trouble ? Raising Fees 60% after a 50 % increase 4 years ago !

So I got over being mad and realized I need more facts…..So I looked up things like ther 2011 BSA IRS Form 990 and found out these things:
1. The Boy Scouts of America have net assets of $714 MILLION dollars in trust listed.
2. The Form 990 says they have revenues of 218 Million that year.
3. The Chief Scout Executive makes $815K (plus 165K) a year.
4. They list $5 million more in salaries to the top people….
IF you don’t believe this Eagle Scout (me)/Scoutmaster/retired Lieutenant Colonel then go read it off the BSA page :

I don’t need to even state what I think of the above…..Do I ?

Plus I found this from NBC:

It says and I quote: It isn’t panning out that way. Costs are rising. Initially budgeted at $176 million through 2013, the Summit’s cost is now estimated to reach at least $350 million by the end of this year and $439 million by the end of 2015, according to Scouts documents reviewed by Reuters. To keep up, the Scouts issued new bonds last year – more than doubling their previous borrowing for the project.

The bottom line, said Doug White, who teaches nonprofit management at Columbia University, is that the Scouts “have real problems.” The combination of the Summit fundraising slowdown, extra borrowing for the project and the financial impact of the gay-rights controversy “puts them in a very precarious position.”

Connect the Dots…?

This is SICK.


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One Response to “Boy Scouts in Financial Trouble ? Raising Fees 60% after a 50 % increase 4 years ago !”

  1. Tim Says:

    I worked for the Boy Scouts of America for 3 years as a District Executive. I currently have 3 sons who are Scouts. I actually worked for Wayne Brock who is now the Chief Scout Executive that makes the money you mentioned. He was the best boss I ever had. He now is the head of the largest and oldest non-profit company in the world. There has been up to 2 million registered members a year. That is one of the largest “companies” in the world.

    They don’t receive any government money. Not on the County, State or Federal level. If you look around you, you will see Eagle Projects from the past hundred years. They build bridges, park benches, plant trees and a whole host of different projects to receive Eagle Scout status. The Boy Scouts of America supplies one third of the food to the homeless nation wide, every year with the Boy Scout Food Drive.

    They become our leaders in many different ways. Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, Dan Marino, the first dozen Astronauts, many of our Generals and Political leaders. They are the only “youth club” in our country that teaches citizenship and duty to our nation.

    You have to remember that nobody “owns” the Boy Scouts. It operates like a franchise which is called a Charter Organization. On the troop level this would be a church or another non-profit organization. In other words, every action in The Boy Scouts of America is overseen by a group of volunteers. This is a fully volunteer run organization with minimal employees. They give more money back to their program than any other non-profit company in the world.

    We do know the statistics though. If we eliminate all paid employees in the United States, we would loose about 60% of our Troops within two years. The costs of being a Boy Scout would go up. Troops would have to provide their own insurances and it would be costly. It would then cost as much to be a Boy Scout as any other youth activity or club.

    I know this looks like a rant, but the Boy Scouts of America is one of the best things to happen to this country and Wayne Brock would be making millions of dollars a year if he chose to work for another company. We all knew this was coming. Society is taking a turn and we held on for as long as possible. We are a fully self funded private club that is volunteer run and have decided to pay our employees what they deserve.

    I worked 70 hours a week as an Executive, had over 2000 Cub and Boy Scouts, didn’t get my weekends off, and I made less if not about the same as a School Teacher. I became a District Executive not to make a lot of money, but to give back to what The Boy Scouts has given me. It helped me rise up out of the ghetto, make right choices, and lead me in the right direction to have faith in a god of my choice, my country and myself.

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