Joel Stein Will Now Answer All your Email and wants a Medal (for whining ?)

Joel Stein first tells us on at least 2 occasions that he isn’t listening to readers or answering emails.

Now he says he will (I Will Now Answer All Your E-Mail) (,33009,2147280-2,00.html)

and he says he is a Boy Scout .

Joel Stein – Who ARE you Joel Stein ? You can’t be a Boy Scout AND a Jerk.

I said I wasn’t reading Joel Stein anymore in a previously post and I got sucked in from the Table of Contents saying he now answers all email.

I suggest that Time magazine just stop printing his column —just print the picture of Joel Stein and ask people to write their own version of his column on the rest of the blank page.

It would be more entertaining and certainly easier to stomach.

Joel Stein would have to get a real job. No more whining Joel Stein.

He might make something having Time print his picture every week but he would have to get a job.

What would Joel Stein be good at besides Whining ?

I don’t know.







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