North Korea: Insanity with Nukes

Twenty Four million people live in North Korea.

Probably mostly nice people in fear is my guess.

The place is overrun with Thugs and Crazy People.

Most Americans don’t know that North Korea was a Japanese colonial holding  from  35 years before WWII and that following Japan’s defeat, the plan was to create a free country.

Most people don’t know that North Korea was taken over essentially by the Chinese and Soviet Communists and when the Korean War started, it was a proxy war between the US and those two countries. Somewhere between half a million and 3/4 of a million people died. For what?

Following that bit of insanity, we are left with a prosperous South Korea and a bunch of insane gangsters leftover wanna bees.

Read About the Axe murders and Operation Paul Bunyan in 1970 here: and tell me these people are not totally Looney Tunes.

One example of the problem is that following the collapse of the Soviet Union, they allowed the starvation of over 3 million of their own people by favoring their military.

They have universal military conscription for men and women lasting 3-5 years. They have  over a million active duty at any time and up to 8 million reserves making them the world’s number 1 largest standing Army.

They have developed nuclear bombs.

They blew up another one today stating  “The test was designed “to defend the country’s security and sovereignty in the face of the ferocious hostile act of the U.S.”

Their military runs their own factories for munitions and military supplies. They are a huge arms dealer in the world market and sell Ballistic missiles .

In April 2009 the United Nations named the Korea Mining and Development Trading Corporation (KOMID) as North Korea’s primary arms dealer and main exporter of equipment related to ballistic missiles and conventional weapons.  The North Koreans have assisted a huge number of revolutionary, insurgent and terrorist groups in more than 62 countries.

Other than writing them off as too far away to worry about, I certainly hope our government and the governments of the free world are actively planning to deal with these fruitcakes.

It isn’t  a very far leap from a nuclear explosion in North Korea to a shipping container to the US from a third country and from there, a truck to Washington DC.


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