Public Hair Grooming ? What ? Are you kidding Me? How many ?


OK I can understand some people wax their groins….Bikini models have to do something to show off those itty bitty pants/thongs ……But this is …well it is unbelievable.

Could this be the start of a new Medical Specialty ? Pubic Hair Grooming Accidents ?

The Journal of  Pubic Hair Grooming Accidents ?    Medical Meetings on How to treat ?   Public Health mtgs to talk about At Risk Populations ?

Specialty Residencies in ERs for docs sub specializing  ?  Board Certification ?  Disabilities for people who don’t do well with treatment for such Injuries ?

Support groups ?   Classes for chronic “abusers” ?  What about age ranges ? Licenses for when people can and cannot pubic hair groom ?  Articles in Cosmopolitan ?

Organizations to lobby Congress for financial support ? Medicare Dollars spent on such claims ?

Where will the Madness Stop ?





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