Climate Change Marco Polo Rubio the GOP Science and Green Things in General

I am confused.

As an Independent, it seems more and more apparent to me that the Republicans consistently avoid listening to Scientists. They are the party that has blocked any kind of meaningful action on Climate Change.  Bill Clinton signed the Kyoto Agreement. George Bush reneged. It is pretty simple. Even I get that.

They are the ones who tried to tell us that there was no warming of the atmosphere. They are the ones who trot out that business that a raped woman can’t conceive and will reject the pregnancy. They are the ones who believe there is an infinite number of fish in the ocean, that we can strip mine and not pollute our rivers, that we can dump garbage in the oceans indefinitely and that the Rain Forest is really just a place to cut lumber and make into farms. Let’s not mention the ones who deny that dinosaurs were here up until 65 million years ago and they believe people rode dinosaurs 6,000 years ago.  Forget arguing about the Big Bang with those folks as well as they can’t handle big numbers and just want it made very simple. Do any of them remember we have nuclear waste all over the world and no where to take it ? Does anyone remember Yucca Mountain? Do we just dump it into the ocean ?

What these people all have in common is that they don’t believe in Science. They don’t mind riding in cars or using cell phones or microwaves provided by science but when it conflicts with their need to destroy the Earth’s ecosystem, they blend into some sort of magical thinking that says that some sort  of Mystical Event will happen and save the planet so that we can have some sort of decent place to live. That now that we are on the verge of crudding up the planet with too many people for the amount of arable land, breathable air, and potable water, that Somebody is going to pull some sort of magical monkey out of their ass and Save the Human Race and Civilization.

How do they think this is going to end up ? That we will sustain the population indefinitely ? That this is some sort of Monopoly game to win so that they need to have as much Monopoly money as possible at the end  and they can win ? That this doesn’t devolve into a fight over air, food, and water ? That we don’t desperately need the  Rain Forests, the Oceans, and the Atmosphere ? Are they Insane or just very Stupidly Greedy ?

Do they NOT have children and grandchildren or is this the part of the Human Race that doesn’t care about its young ?

Do these people really think that if they amass enough wealth that they will be able to buy enough Oxygen bottles to breath and Bottled Water to Drink for their kids ?

Is this some sort of game Called  I Got Mine Jack, Screw You ? If visitors to our planet ever show up, what will be here in 200 years ?  A garbage dump. A Waste Facility.

To me, the handwriting has been on the wall for decades and these people have been suppressing it in the name of Politics and Greed.

Is this Denial ? or Stupidity ? or Ignorance ? Surely all these guys had to take science and math and can add.

Add em up Marco.  Add em up.






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