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Some Notre Dame Football player and His Imaginary Life

January 25, 2013

Lemme get his straight–some football player has a made up girlfriend so he and the media made up some more stories about him, and Now they are following up with some more made up stories about him ? There are 69,900 news hits on Google about this  “Topic”.  Katie Couric interviewing him ?  Does ANYONE really care about this kid and his make believe life besides producers with nothing else to say on slow news cycles? Isn’t this on a par with Kardassians being pregnant, Justin Bieber’s parking tickets, and sock puppet sales in Argentina during October 1953 ? Who the Hell Cares ? Please Please Please find some News or Go Away but stop telling me about this Football Player and his fantasy life. Get a Life.




GUNS, Mass Shootings, Schools, Facts

January 23, 2013

The world is full of idiots. No one is suggesting we put idiots in the schools. …these are facts:
Fact:There are 300 million ( at least) weapons out there. They are not going to disappear.
Fact: It is a 10 billion dollar a year business. You aren’t going to change that either.
Fact: There is NO Mental Health System out there thanks to Ronald Reagan who dismantled what vestigial crappy system there was. MOST of those people are harmless but some of them are not.
Fact: We have a Culture of VIOLENCE. I do not need to tell you about Movies, Television, Video Games. Sam’s generation will have seen 16,000 plus violent murders/deaths on a screen by graduation from HS. We are desensitizing our youth systematically by encouraging VIOLENT video games where THEY SHOOT PEOPLE by the Hundreds – on Disc and online. In Movies and on TV.
Fact: There have been 13 mass shootings since Aurora. 13 and climbing. It has a life of it’s own now. You are not going to stop it. There have been 919 gun deaths in the 31 days following New Town Conn. A thousand people died. We are not going to stop it by banning big magazines.
These are all facts: You can’t get rid of the guns. You can’t change the culture. You aren’t going to create a Mental Health System anytime soon enough.
What are your choices ? Ban Assault Weapon imports ? Ha. Ban 30 round magazines ? Ha again.
Unfortunately the antigun lobby “demands” are weak and will have no effect on this problem.
So – what we need is to Fix the Mental Health System and restrict access by putting in place a strict Registration system, put in strict laws for mandatory prison for committing a crime with a gun, Start building a Mental Health System, and for now- guard the children. Not with nuts but with trained law enforcement.
I strongly suggest you look at these graphs:


this graphic:

It is time to face facts – we need to clean up the Gun Shows and make it mandatory to check everyone buying a gun legally. Make it mandatory 5 years in prison for selling a gun illegally. Let the Pot smokers go from prison and put in the shooters and the sellers of illegal guns. Gun Dealers need frequent visits from the feds. Gun Sales need to be tracked. Waiting periods must be enforced. Mentally ill and Criminal people need to not have access.

I don’t want guns in schools. Unfortunately that asshole from the NRA
was right about one thing- the schools are vulnerable and need defense. We should have metal detectors, armed guards, and strict laws about attempts to breach the schools.