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An Open Letter to Joel Stein

November 19, 2012

Mr Stein:

I used to read your column.

I had never heard of Gisele Bundchen or her breasts but thanks to you I Googled Gisele Bundchen’s “breasts” from Oct 22nd and ended up here:
which is  short for Gisele Bundchen nude on Google. I was going to ask you why do you think her breasts are worth singling out ? The REST of her is as delicious as the breastworks….What an incredible chassis !
Which led me to writing you. In looking for your email address I found the incredible column of Jan 7th 2007 in The Guardian Which said Reader Don’t Email Me.    ( )  
 OK. I get it. 
You don’t want to hear from me. So this is goodbye. I have never written you before nor will I again. And I will STOP reading your column in Time as well. I figure you don’t want to hear from any of us.    You just want to be paid to write to us and apparently you are.  I don’t want to get you fired.  But I don’t need to be insulted either. OK I get it. This isn’t interactive.  You suggested I post this to a blog.  So here it is. 
Likewise, I don’t want to hear from you. My grandmother ( may she rest in peace) didn’t speak with her own sister for 17 years once—She would only say FEH when I asked her.  I doubt you are reading this far so I will end. 
Congratulations on getting  the President of Santa Monica College to read your column. You win some, you lose some. 
Goodbye. Good Luck with your career. Evidently your 2007 message didn’t damage your career. 
FEH  –you aren’t that funny anyhow. 
Rick Fleshin