Tyrone Dale David Woodfork

This 20 yo guy beats the 85 yo blind woman to death after raping her and then allegedly beat her 90 yo WWII vet husband half to death and stole their car.

So the punch line is for me, do they have the death penalty in Oklahoma ( PLEASE).

Is this a human being ? IS this normal Human Nature ? IS this what we can expect ? People bursting into our homes and doing this ?

This is SO outrageous. I hope they hurry the investigation and give this guy or whoever it is that did it a speedy trial, rights to appeal and speed them along and then I am volunteering to personally travel at my own expense  to Tulsa or wherever in Oklahoma he gets incarcerated and personally start the IV and give the Lethal Injection. For Free. In fact, I would make a donation to a Memorial Fund for the old woman in His name for the privilege of ending his life.  What a waste.





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