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Body of Evidence

April 1, 2011

That was THE WORST television show I have seen in a LONG LONG time. the first premise is that a neurosurgeon can just “become” a Medical Pathologist by applying for the job. The Residency takes FOUR to FIVE years. Her accident was FOUR years ago and she has been working there a year without training(?) ( and yet reels off forensic pathology expertise that would take a lifetime of work to acquire). The second is even more serious- Medical Pathologists DO NOT, REPEATING D O NOT get out of the autopsy room/labs to go around and investigate suspects, interrogate people, or collect evidence. ABSURD ! THEY DO AUTOPSIES ! THEY Dictate reports and Now and then they end up in a courtroom with testifying about their AUTOPSY. The rest of the time they examine tissue and fluid and dictate reports. Pathologist also supervise the rest of the technicians and certify that they perform routine lab tests accurately. The only realistic thing on there is that Neurosurgeons (as a group) are generally fairly unusual personalities and prone to bluntness. I think it selects for people who are this way and that the training programs help create people who are very different from all the other physician categories. Prima Donnas is a phrase that doesn’t even begin to cover it. When bad things happen to the brain and surgery ensues, it is rarely a happy ending. I think this twists Neurosurgeon’s heads. They are generally as strange as Engineers can be. This show is a bad joke.