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A question for State & Federal Officials

January 1, 2010

Why not give your people HUGE tax breaks on developing solar and wind powered systems –for inventing them, manufacturing them, installing them and for buying them. Focus on putting them on every building you can —government or private and build technology that feeds the grids. I have seen off the counter stuff at the state fair you could implement today. The upshot will be manufacturing, jobs, and lower energy bills for consumers. Those things will pay your taxes later but more importantly jump start your economies which are dying. Help people borrow money at low interest rates to do all these things. People do stuff like this when you give them incentives. You have sun and wind there…Why aren’t you already doing this on a huge scale for the little guys ? Big corporations are already there doing this ? Are they stopping you ? We could have solar on roofs across America. I saw small scale windmills that sit on buildings without poles or traditional blades…alll of which would be dumping electricity into a grid. Why aren’t we converting to small scale energy generation? Could it be Coal and Oil interests ? Are they determined to maintain their monopoly to the point of choking the country to death ?