Afghanistan Escalation,911 and Stupidity

I think before we send more men and women under arms into harms way we should consider what caused us to start this enterprise and why should we continue it.

First: This was caused by the US Government led by Bush/Cheney as planned by their PNAC document to grab the world’s 2nd largest oil field in the world. They caused 911 to occur. If someone will kindly tell me why World Trade Center 7 ( a 47 story building) fell down that day at 5pm other than demolitions placed there by our government then I will stop saying that. Better yet tell me why thermite powder was found by independent investigators in the 911 rubble. Or why there was NO criminal investigation into the deaths of 3,000 civilian…where was NYPD ? Where was the FBI ? ANd who managed the faked report on 911 ? The White House conveniently.

So we had our “new pearl harbor” and the country now has a new boogeyman (Bin Ladn & Al Quaeda) to go after and fear and our military industrial complex makes off with billions. The country catches on and we have to start a withdrawal from Iraq ( but not until Enron, B-P etc open their offices in Baghdad and get their new pipeline) and suddenly we have an economy pumping out bullets, HUMVEEs and body armor ( and caskets) and if that quits, then those guys don’t make megabucks anymore.

The Soviets had their asses handed to them by the Afgghans. Prior to that it was the Brits who the Afghans kicked out. What makes us think we’re going to be any different?

And by 2011, we are going to get what accomplished ? We’re going to have more caskets, more casualties, and more grieving.

How’d you like to have YOUR son or daughter be killed in Afghanistan between now and our supposed pull out in 2011?

For what?

What appeared to be an attack in September 2001 by foreign nationals was a false flag operation and a self inflicted wound so we could do this.

When are we going to stop this ? The Gulf of Tonkin “incident” was fake. So was 911.

So tell me again, why should we be doing this except to “save face”?

If another country invaded the US, we’d all be out making IEDs and sniping the intruders. What else do we expect from a fierce people like the Afghans?

I say bring ’em all home. Now. Withdraw and admit what has happened (again) was wrong and apologise for invading countries over made up baloney.

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