Frankford PA ARIA ER

The death of Joaquin Rivera in Frankford PA is tragic, senseless, and unacceptable.

The standard of care for a 58yo man with radiating Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath and a Dying look is the fastest wheelchair or stretcher ride possible to a trauma bed and advanced cardiac life support.

The minimally acceptable level of care for a Cardiac Arrest is CPR, Oxygen, IVs, and drugs, perhaps Defibrillation and certainly an attempt at Resuscitation.

All Aria did was let some vultures steal his watch and then pronounce him.

At least they called the police on themselves and didn’t attempt to cover it up.

What should happen next is obvious.

The police need to see if Manslaughter Charges should be brought against the doctors, nurses, and administrators or the Emergency Room and Hospital. Death occurred from the gross negligence of the staff…perhaps with depraved indifference.
The Joint Commission’s standards have clearly been violated. The hospital needs to be thoroughly investigated and inspected. If this can happen in sight of a surveillance camera, what else is going on there?
The Aria Hospital should make a good act of contrition and offer the poor widow and family a small fortune – not that this will bring him back but it seems more decent than having the family having to sue.
Finally, all of us should take a deep breath & be thinking the next time we head to an ER with a loved one, what awaits us there.
This entire episode is disgusting and repulsive. It is beyond the pale. Unacceptable —Totally Unacceptable.


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2 Responses to “Frankford PA ARIA ER”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Actually, it is Philadelphia!

  2. mulevalley Says:

    I’ve been asked for the background on this..Here it is:

    A 58 yo guy goes in to a Philadelphia ER with radiating chest pain, Shortness of Breath and says he’s having a heart attack. He sits there and dies during the next 11 minutes. 30 some minutes later he’s still slumped and dead. Junkies steal his watch. At 1 hour and 19 minutes after registering he is pronounced dead. Great Health Care System. Just Great.

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